Machine and device usage time monitoring

Easy to adapt, administrate, cost-efficient

Tool set for production development

Why should you use HitScan Usage Time Monitoring Service?


HitScan ROI , Return on invest calculations proof the viability of the service.


HitScan is able to work with nearly all of devices and it is not bound to any specific brand or device.

User friendly

HitScan will collect information from all of the devices into one graphical interface.


HitScan is very easy to install, you can install it yourself if you want to.


You'll decide how many sensors your facilities need. It's always easy to add more.


HitScan is an evolving platform which that is developing to suit customer needs

Mobile / Desktop

HitScan is responsive to use on all of the most common mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Shared infra

HitScan is a cloud service which scales with customer needs.

System developers have a long production background

HitScan enchants production processes with transparency

HitScan Usage Time Monitoring service offers powerful, secure and flexible solution for industry’s machinery usage time monitoring. HitScan services are based on Lean-thinking, which aims to minimize the productivity blocks and to shorten production process’  cycle. Real-time insights and knowledge about production processes’ efficiency and bottlenecks provides information to rely on whilst optimizing and maintaining the production. HitScan service affects very quickly on company’s operative efficiency, and speed of production process flow / execution, which has immediate  positive impact on company’s performance and profitability. 

HitScan gives you clear insights

HitScan service views have been designed to be plain and simple. Adopting the information is fast. Views have been designed to suit all different information needs for various levels. Best outcome comes by providing  whole personnel with HitScan information via info screens. Usage time monitoring for longer time period can benefit company’s board with tactical and strategic level information where value adds up when analyzing data with company’s other indicators. Service is easy to budget because it’s monthly fee is same every month throughout time of the contract. 

HitScan viable in many kinds of environments

HitScan Service is usable in many kinds of environments because it’s sensors do not require external power supply units. Sensors are also not galvanically attached to machines, as said solution guarantees HitScan running independently from any other devices, while still leveraging easy attachment ability with various devices.

HitScan service is safe to use

HitScan service is safe to use. Measuring devices locate in customers facilities and they’ll connect together by creating a secure mesh network for communicating across each device. Measurement information is sent  securely and encrypted via mobile network into cloud services database, which locates in Amazon Web Services withing Europe. HitScan services’ user information is being handled as GDPR Laws require.

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