Machine and device usage time monitoring

Easy to adapt, administrate, cost-efficient

Tool set for production development

Background for production development

Production efficiency is very important matter for HitScan developers, a matter of heart. Interest in creating solutions for product development and new innovative solutions is based on years and years of industrial practise expertise on a very competitive sector against other participants. Efficient production guarantees competitive products more profitable. Working longer of course have some part in that, but also by increasing machine usage times 20% creates noticeably better result.
HitScan machines and devices usage time monitoring software is informative production efficiencer. Company’s personnal can see their work developing in real-time and the software doesn’t either require any interraction ie. pressing missing-from-action buttons etc. In this manner personnel develops process best possible way.

Software can be setup to answer company’s needs. Software is cloud service, so updating and monitoring is possible wherever.

Tailored Software solutions

We empower your company’s productivity by tayloring software to speed up human resources and work process.

Our software makes collecting information from different phases and events during work process possible. By leveraging measuring devices provided data, you can develop your company’s business.

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