Machine and device usage time monitoring

Easy to adapt, administrate, cost-efficient

Tool set for production development

System and usage


HitScan service is working independently in Cloud. HitScan doesn’t consume customers connections or systems. Service interface / Graphical user interface works on web browser, which can be used either on PC, tablet or other mobile device.  


Using is simple, customer creates company tree into the service, for example: cities, estates, areas, halls, machine groups and machines. Measuring devices will be installed onto machines and sensors are validated to work properly. After installing it’s all set. HitScan service also works outside Finland. Service information can also be transferred and consumed by other systems by ie. Excel file. 

Data transfers

At the clients premises HitScan creates an encrypted network binding each and every HitScan device together. Collected data will be sent securely into HitScan services in cloud via mobile network.


Hitscan service offers variety of different views visually and content-wise that cover machine data like usage time, usability time and idle time data, etc. In details it’s possible to monitor performance of the whole company all the way down to a one single machine.  Period of time to be analyzed can be chosen from real-time data or recorded data up to yearly level and it’s even possible to setup different kinds of users for different purposes. 

Measuring devices

Measuring devices do not require any external power supplies or cables. Devices are not galvanically attached to any other machine or device. Devices are very small,  they’re around the size of a tinderbox.

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